These mindfulness scripts have been inspired by our love for mindfulness, the research supporting the benefits of this work and our work with high performing humans. The content was informed by Dr. Amishi Jha, Dr. Shilagh Mirgain, Dr. Marsha Linehan, and Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.


Dr. Leslie-Toogood draws on content compiled from Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Amishi Jha and skills adapted by Dr. Marsha Linehan to help us get started with our mindfulness practice.

Duration: 3:28


Focusing In

Focusing In is a meditation designed to help you get started with your mindfulness practice. Listen to this meditation daily or whenever you want to grow your ability to bring your focus and attention back to your target. It allows you to practice bringing your brain back to the present moment.

Duration: 3:48


Body Scan

Body Scan is a meditation that allows you to observe sensations in your body without judgement. You often use your head too much and are disconnected from what you feel. Allowing yourself to mindfully notice where you may hold stress and tension in your body, helps keep you well.

Duration: 6:38


Letting It Flow

Letting it Flow is a meditation that allows you to notice when your mind wanders, to observe what you are thinking about, and to stay anchored in the present so that you are not caught up in these distracting thoughts. It uses the metaphor of a flowing river; allowing life to pass, thoughts to pass, and recognizing that you are not your thoughts. Let them go, allow them to flow. Stay mindfully present.

Duration: 4:18



Connecting is a meditation that allows you to connect with each other. In a world that has been disconnected, this mediation encourages you to take time to share kindness and positive thoughts with others.

Duration: 7:21


Paying Attention

Paying Attention is a meditation that recognizes that you can only have so much you can pay attention to in any given moment. Paying attention encourages you to notice what you are paying attention to and to shift and adjust so that you are paying attention to what you want and what is helpful.

Duration: 4:59


Lions Heart

This meditation was adapted from The Mind Body Project. Lions Heart is a meditation that reminds you that you have ultimate control over how you want to focus and attend. You oversee your mind, you can focus through distractions, and this meditation helps you gain clarity on what is most important to you in any given moment.

Duration: 5:52